Stray Souls Dollhouse Story Collectors Edition

Stray Souls Dollhouse Story Collectors Edition

Hidden-object game with a story of a woman in search of her lost husband
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Stray Souls Dollhouse Story is a hidden-object adventure that tells the story of Danielle Hunt, a woman who is in search of her lost husband. The story develops little by little, so, without going into details, it starts showing us a few scenes of Danielle and Sam love story. Everything seemed to be peaceful until the day a mysterious box from an unknown sender arrives at their house. Attempting to open the box, Sam literally vanishes in front of Danielle's eyes. A creepy voodoo-like doll comes out of the box with the promise of helping Danielle find Sam, and that's how you and your suspicious companion undertake the 'rescue' mission.
Your search starts at Sam's house; and there you need to gain access to the different rooms by solving puzzles and hidden-object scenes. Nearly all doors are locked, so most of the time you will be searching for keys and ways to unlock them. The places you need to inspect are seedy and gloomy; shadows and ghostly voices follow you during the game. While being not entirely a horror, still there is a constant creepy atmosphere and some jumpy scenes that will scare you a bit.
As you advance in your search, often switching between reality and hallucinations, the information found reveals that Sam has a dark past. You learn he was a kid with mental powers who had gone through some traumatic experiences as a kid.
As you can imagine, there is a lot to discover, plenty of areas to explore, and enough gameplay hours in this eerie hidden-object adventure.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Two levels of difficulty, casual and expert
  • Great graphics and music
  • Well rendered atmosphere
  • Collectors' Edition with lots of extra content


  • The game storyline falls into the typical and predictable plot set on cursed orphanages and asylums
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